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The Starter Bay is Gloucestershire's one-stop-shop for starter motor and alternator repairs, reconditioning and supply. We offer the finest quality products and services available and our customers always trust us for their starter motor/alternator needs.

All starter motors / alternators are fully tested by our experienced specialists. 

We stock starter motors and alternators and our team will understand your needs to source the required unit with next day delivery where possible.

New reconditioned units are supplied with a full 12 month warranty. We do not cover any labour charges incurred against fitting costs.

We can meet your repair needs 24/7, either call us, drop by during opening hours or units can be dropped off to our storage lockers out of hours.

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Starter Motor, Dynamo and Alternator Testing and Repair

Our Skilled and Knowledgeable staff will Test your unit and provide Cost Effective repair solutions or we will provide competitive prices for a new unit, direct to you potentially next day.

Quick turnaround Repairs - Often same day

We regularly aim to get most repairs done on the same day where possible. 

We provide an out of hours Drop off and Collection Facility should it suit you better.

Starter Motor, Dynamo and Alternator Reconditioning

We can work to Recondition valuable units for Classic Vehicles or various other uses, Completely stripping them down removing any corrosion, cleaning them up and renewing any parts that would be necessary, respraying the unit and making it look as new.

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