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We have a well-equipped workship with repair and testing facilities. Our knowledgeable staff are experienced in repairing and reconditioning all kinds of Starter Motors, Alternators and Dynamos.

Not every unit requires a full rebuild and often repairs can be done in the same day.

We can strip down your own Starter Motor, Dynamo or Alternator, thoroughly examine it and provide you with a cost for any repair. Repair is often more cost effective than replacement.  All units are repaired using quality parts. Every unit is tested to ensure the repair of your unit has been effective and is operating sufficiently.

We can repair Starter Motors, Dynamos and Alternators for:

  • Cars, Vans, Buses and light commercial vehicles

  • HGV's and Trucks

  • Tractors/Plant

  • Generators

  • Marine

  • Industrial Construction Equipment

  • Garden Machinery

  • Motorbike and Quad Bikes

  • Classic Vehicles

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